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How to Prepare for What to Wear - Photo Shoot top tips

Now that Summer is finally here (sort of) a lot of people are booking in their portrait and engagement shoots so they don't have to worry about trying to look happy being outside in the Devonshire cold and rain.

If you've recently gotten engaged and would like an engagement shoot, or are looking to get some portrait shots done, I have 5 great tips on how to prepare for what to wear.

1. Go Pro

Engagement photos are great! They kill so many birds with one stone. They get you and the photographer (which is hopefully me) to know each other and work together beforehand so you have a sense of familiarity before the wedding. The images from the shoot can also make amazing save the date cards.

What all this means is that you want to make these pictures count and trust the pro’s! You’ll want to look and feel glamorous! A pro will know exactly how to make you look like the best version of yourself on camera without over-doing it. Plus you’ll have the added bonus of feeling amazing, and trust me that will show on camera! When you feel great you’ll look great in your pictures!

If you have booked someone to do the make up for your wedding, you could even use this as a practice run for the big day. Win, WIN!

2. On Location

Your location matters, and it doesn’t. I mean, it matters, if it matters. Say you are avid hikers, being on your favourite trail can be a must to show your love in the best scenario. But really what matters is how you want the pictures to feel… Do you love the look of the open fields? Do you like the beautiful woodsy feel? Mountains? Rivers? City? Well the point is, the exact location is not terribly important. What is very important is that it describes the way you two really are.

3. None of those what to wear woes

Don't worry about what not to bring, and just bring everything! Like whatever you want! LOTS AND LOTS! We may not get to all of it… That's fine, but we can look through, and pick what we love and we'll create something amazing!

While black and solid colours look great be sure to bring colour! Texture is also great fun, and example of texture is a scarf or furry vest… you know something fun and crazy if you want!

Don't forget to accessorise. Something fun like your fav necklace, shoes, sweater, sunglasses, dog… whatever! These really spice up the shoot and make them unique to you! Remember the key is that both of you need to LOVE it and feel great in it!

4. Buzz Words

This tip might be the most important because we can basically build your whole shoot around this - from location, time of day and we can especially decide your outfits…

This tip is, choose a word or two that you feel describes your story. Such as: Romantic, Vintage, Simple, Fun. Then we can build something great out of your idea!

You get the idea. The main point of all of this is to capture who you are and your love! Lets get creative!

5. Don't be ashamed to show that he liked it so he put a ring on it

Lastly, not leastly but very short and sweetly, opt to get a manicure, because that ring will be in almost every shot and we want it to look as great as you!



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