Although wedding photography is my bread and butter I still absolutely love being a family photographer! From engagements to family gatherings; the packages below will be able to cover what you need. If however you would like a Bespoke package then please get in touch and I will be happy to make a package that's right for you. - If you're looking for a special gift, why not give a Gift Voucher? These can be purchased and posted out to you with a year life span and hard back envelope

- All packages are confirmed with a 25% deposit


How many images will I get?

It definitely does all depend on the day / location and what package you book. I aim for quality over quantity and avoid taking the same sort of images over and over. On a very rough average it will could be approximately 30-50 images for the Family & Couple Packages

Do you provide Gift Vouchers

I do indeed! I can provide a Gift Voucher for either package - the only difference with buying these over booking a package there and then is that Gift Vouchers require the full payment upfront instead of a deposit and will last for 1 year

Who owns the Copy Right?

The copyright of photographs does always remain with me unless otherwise agreed. There is no problem at all if you want to use the images for personal use however you can't sell or commercially use the photographs without prior written permission

How far will you travel?

I will travel anywhere within 15 miles of Honiton free of charge. For anywhere outside of this radious then give me a shout and we can work something out.

How do I book?

After you've gotten in touch and we've had a chat and agreed on dates/prices I will send you two seperate emails. One will be an invoice for the deposit (25% of the full price) and the other will be the terms and conditions of booking. Some people feel a bit nervous when I start talking about conditions but it literally is just to cover myself in case anything (however unlikely) were to go wrong. You can read them before hand here and see that it's nothing to worry about.

How do I pay?

Once everything has been agreed I will send you an electronic invoice for the deposit which will have the information you need to make a payment via BACS. I will then send an Invoice to you for the outstanding amount 7 weeks before the commencement date so you have a one week reminder (full payment is due 6 weeks before the commencement date) If you want to make any payments before the 6 week mark to get it done and dusted you are more than welcome to pay early or in installments with no fees. Just get in touch