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If you're worried that being in front of a camera will make you pull Chandler faces - then look no further!


I've been photographing Weddings & Families across the Southwest since 2011 and have been told that my laid back and friendly approach makes things just so much easier for my clients on the day. All either of us want is a shoot where you feel comfortable enough to let your personality shine through, making your photos as beautiful and unique as you are - haha I know it sounds super cheesy but it's true!

Although I'm a Devon based photographer, I also happily provide wedding photography covering Cornwall, Dorset and Somerset too. I absolutely adore the Southwest's picturesqueness (it is a word, I checked) and am always in my element photographing weddings when I am able to take advantage of the area's natural landscapes. I can suggest certain poses for you or I can totally Ninja it and take some pictures of you without you knowing, but not in a creepy way obviously... 

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A Devon based Wedding & Family Photographer

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Kate Dixon

Your Certified Photo Ninja

Considering how much I never put my camera down growing up I never actually studied photography at school or college but over the years taught myself through books, webinars and the odd 1-1 course.