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If you're worried that being in front of a camera will make you pull Chandler faces - then look no further!


My name is Kate and I've been photographing Weddings & Families across the Southwest since 2011. My laid back and friendly approach will make things so much easier for you on the day. All both of us want is a shoot where you feel comfortable enough to let your personality shine through, making your photos as beautiful and unique as you are - haha I know it sounds super cheesy but it's true!

Although I'm a Devon based photographer, I also happily provide wedding photography covering Cornwall, Dorset and Somerset too. I absolutely adore the Southwest's picturesqueness (it is a word, I checked) and am always in my element when I am able to take advantage of the area's natural landscapes. I can suggest certain poses for you or I can totally Ninja it and take some pictures of you without you knowing, but not in a creepy way obviously... 

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& Authentic

A Devon based Wedding & Family Photographer



Your Certified Photo Ninja

Considering how much I never put my camera down growing up I never actually studied photography at school or college but over the years taught myself through books, webinars and the odd 1-1 course.


Since starting wedding photography part time in 2011, I've gone full time, photographed 150+ bookings and have genuinely loved both the stress and all the reward that comes with the job. I used to do this alongside my full time job in Exeter and finally took the plunge at the end of 2018 to go completely self-employed (eeek)

In my spare time I love to go on walks with my partner and our gorgeous German Shepherd Oska, cuddle up with my cute little cat Dolly and to go rock climbing as and when I have the chance.

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Drop me a line

Whether you’re looking for a series of family portraits, elopement photos, or your wedding photography covered, get in touch so we can discuss exactly what you need. My availability varies depending on the season, so please make sure you book well in advance, you can use the form below and I'll get back to you as soon as I possibly can.

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