Westcott Barton, Barnstaple Wedding-179.

A Friendly, Relaxed & Authentic


If being in front of a camera makes you pull Chandler faces and you want someone to make you feel at ease then look no further... I've been photographing Weddings & Families since 2011 and making people feel comfortable is second nature to me. Essentially the more at ease you feel, the more your personality will shine through making your photos as beautiful and unique as you are.

I'm based in Honiton, Devon but also cover Cornwall, Dorset and Somerset too. I absolutely adore the Southwest's picturesqueness (it is a word, I checked) and am always in my element at weddings when I am able to take advantage of the area's natural landscapes. I can suggest certain poses for you or I can totally Ninja it and take some pictures of you without you knowing, but not in a creepy way obviously... 

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