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4 Easy steps to look & feel fantastic for your wedding.

Regardless of age, height or shape every single bride without a doubt will bring a tear to someone’s eye with how beautiful they’ll look, every single groom will look dashing. What bridesmaid has ever not looked stunning?

Weddings can be stressful when you want to look your best knowing that all eyes will be on you. I can assure though that the person waiting for you at the other end of the aisle loves you for who you are and you could turn up sporting an outfit made out of a black bag and they’d still want to marry you. The only thing that matters is that the person who matters most (you) feels comfortable in themselves.

I’ve collaborated with Paul Kilbride from N.E.W (Nutrition, Exercise, Wellbeing) Coaching to give you 4 extremely easy steps to look and feel fantastic for your wedding - and no, I'm not going to tell you to lose weight...

1. Hydration Is Key

Having no less than 2.5 litres of water a day is a crucial key to looking great for your wedding. It’s the key to healthier skin helping your complexion, key to a better digestive system and key to more radiant eyes so you can Smeyes* for your photos!

*smile with your eyes for those people who don’t watch America’s next top model lol

2. Get plenty of rest

When you first get engaged all you want to do is plan the wedding you’ve been dreaming about since forever, but try to allocate maybe one day a week for planning so the fun and excitement doesn’t run out and definitely don’t let it affect your sleeping routine. I’m guilty of the odd stint where I’m creating mood boards on Pinterest then it suddenly being 2am!

We all know lack of sleep leads to lack of concentration and dark circles under your eyes, but did you know it also has a correlation to the reduction of moisture in your skin, effects hair growth and emphasises signs of ageing! Whilst doing research for this blog I came across this website which explains these symptoms in more detail.

3. Nutrition Vs Mental Health

You don’t need to lose weight to look good, but research does find that there is a food-mood connection where what you eat can affect your mood and mental health.

If you do decide to concentrate on nutrition be careful as not having a set routine can make your body shape fluctuate which in turn can cause you stress. Focus on nutritional home cooking as it helps you save money for your wedding and helps you set up that routine avoiding any worries about your body changing.

A great way to use nutrition to support your mental health is to focus on your overall eating patterns. A balanced breakfast with quality protein and protein-based snacks and a balanced meal in the evening is the best thing to focus on. Doing the right amount of research on nutrition and implementing it into your lifestyle at least 90 days before the wedding will get you the best results in enhancing your general mood and well-being

4. Ready yourself, Steady yourself, Smile

Planning an event this big can be one of the most stressful things you’ll go through as you want to get every detail right and ensure all your guests have a great time. Personal development and mindset training is a huge deal leading up to your big day and creating healthy habits for your mind set as well as your body will alleviate stress, let you think clearer and help life flow a lot smoother, definitely something we need when planning a wedding!

This, combined with the other points mentioned above will hopefully let you sit back, relax a bit and turn that furrow on your brow into a smile on your lips. And at the end of the day nothing else enhances and lightens up a face than a true, bright smile!



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