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WEDDING Packages

What's the damage I hear you ask? Well, I have done my best to put together affordable wedding photography packages which will cover everything you might want covering on the day at the best possible price; the Petite Package, the Classic Package and the Signature Package.


However over the years I have also learnt that every wedding is unique and not everyone will want the same thing, so if the packages below don't quite fit your needs then we can make you a Bespoke Package which can be completely customised to suit you.

- All packages are confirmed with confirmation of T&Cs and a 25% deposit (the rest won't be due until 6 weeks before the booking)

- For a Bespoke Package: Get in touch and we will tailor make a package for you that can be bare to the bones or have the full set of bells and whistles

- To see family portrait photography packages, click here

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