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How to prepare for rain on your wedding day

If you're worried about what to do if it rains on your wedding day then you're definitely not alone. I'd guess about 9/10 of my brides mention how they hope it doesn't rain on their big day because they think the day will be ruined and I always do my best to convince them that rainy day weddings can sometimes be the best! I do tell them to be prepared though because there are three things certain in life; death, taxes and the unpredictability of British weather!

In this blog I will provide a full guide on how to prepare for rain on your wedding day and why you should embrace it:

1. It's Good Luck

I know lots of you will think that rain on your wedding will be bad luck but I can tell you that rain is actually good luck! Have you ever wondered where the expression "tie the knot" comes from? It's believed that when you get married on a rainy day your marriage tie will be stronger (as a wet knot is harder to unravel)

"We had rain on our wedding day and the day was still just as perfect if not more as all our family and friends were all together rather than scattered inside and out "

2. Rainbows

As a relentless optimistic I always try and find silver linings where I can. When it comes to rain the silver lining for me comes in the form of... Rainbows!

Not everyone believes in good and bad luck superstitions, but who doesn't love a good rainbow?

3. Atmospheric Photos

If you're happy to embrace it, you and your photographer can have so much fun if it rains. Rain can really make the surrounding greenery pop with colour and can definitely produce some great atmospheric photos for your wedding album

4. Bouquets Prefer It

Lydia Allen at Promise me Peonies has kindly provided some information regarding the link between your bouquet and the weather "Although there is no proof that rain will make your bouquet last longer the theory is that the flowers prefer the moisture in the air as they usually suffer and wilt quicker in hotter weather"

5. How to Prepare

- Talk to your photographer about locations - When you meet up with your photographer at the venue walk around and try and find an indoor area large enough to take a group photo if there is no way you can get everyone out doors. This would usually be up to the photographer as they will be able to judge where is best for natural light, or where they can set up their lighting equipment but it's always good to know where you need to be.

- Heel Stoppers for Outdoor Weddings - I've been to a few weddings where brides have bought these for their outdoor weddings and have seen first hand how great they are! They stick to the bottom of your high heel to stop you from sinking into the grass and ruining your shoes. You can find these relatively cheap so it could be an idea to get them in bulk for all your female guests who have come in heels. This is also a great tip for dry weddings or if it's been raining the day before - Click here to find your heel stoppers - For a slightly more expensive version click here

- The Classics - Not much more to say on this point other than no wet wedding is complete without umbrellas and wellies!

What I will say though is if you're looking to buy umbrellas online don't use the word "wedding" because you'll find they'll come up more expensive. Here is another Amazon search link for clear umbrellas you can snag for a bargain but don't be afraid to get some coloured ones if you want to stick to your colour scheme.

- Bring a sense of adventure - To coincide with the Atmospheric Photos point mentioned above, if you're fully prepared for rain you won't have anything else to do but embrace it. Kitted up with your umbrellas, wellies and a sense of fun and adventure the pictures you're going to get really will be the sunshine after the rain.

Thank you for reading my blog, I hope this has helped get rid of at least some of your "What if it rains on my wedding day" worries!



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