Kate Dixon

Your Certified Photo Ninja

When I started to design this website I purposefully left this part until the end simply because I had literally no idea what to write. I even asked some previous brides if they could describe me in 3 words so half the work would be done for me (awful bit of cheating I know) and as lovely as all their kind suggestions were I still wasn't really happy with what I could put together. ​

However! I did take take a couple of words that came up the most which were Friendly, Relaxed & Authentic and it gave me the idea that nothing can describe a photographer better than photos! So here are a few of my faves that show how much I love my mum and brother, how much I love to travel and of course how much I love the odd adventure 

Considering how much I never put my camera down growing up I never actually studied photography at school or college but over the years taught myself through books, webinars and the odd 1-1 course.


I have been photographing weddings since 2011 and have genuinely loved every minute! I used to do this alongside my full time job in Exeter and finally took the plunge at the end of 2018 to do this full time (eeek) but it does mean that I can give all my brides, grooms and families the time they need and deserve without stretching myself too thin. So if you book me I'm all yours.



How many images will I get?

It definitely does all depend on the day / location and what package you book. I aim for quality over quantity and avoid taking the same sort of images over and over as I appreciate you probably won't want to sift through 200 images your hair being done. On a very rough average it will could be approximately 50 images for an engagement shoot, 3-400 for a half day and anywhere between 4-700 for a full day.

Are you insured?

Yes! I am fully insured for everything I can be insured for with a company called Policy Bee

Who owns the Copy Right?

The copyright of photographs does always remain with me unless otherwise agreed. There is no problem at all if you want to use the images for personal use however you can't sell or commercially use the photographs without prior written permission

How far will you travel?

I will travel anywhere within the South West England free of charge. I am happy to travel further than this of course but please get in touch and we can talk about travel prices or accomodation costs for those even further away locations.

Will we have to provide food?

Not for anything under 6 hours, however for the 6+ hours I do ask that food is provided if possible. This is mainly to reduce any risk of me having to step out for food and missing any important moments. I like to be on hand where possible for as long possible, but for the longer days I will need to have a short break to eat where I can.

How do I book?

Simply contact me. After you've gotten in touch and we've had a chat and agreed on dates/prices I will send you two seperate emails. One will be an invoice for the deposit (25% of the full price) and the other will be the terms and conditions of booking. Payment of the deposit is an automatic acceptance of the terms. Some people feel a bit nervous when I start talking about conditions but it literally is just to cover myself in case anything (however unlikely) were to go wrong. You can read them before hand here and see that it's nothing to worry about.

How do I pay?

Once everything has been agreed I will send you an electronic invoice for the deposit which will have the information you need to make a payment via BACS. I will then send an Invoice to you for the outstanding amount 7 weeks before the commencement date with a one week reminder (full payment is due 6 weeks before the commencement date) If you want to make any payments before the 6 week mark to get it done and dusted you are more than welcome to pay early or in installments with no fees. Just get in touch



59 High Street,

Honiton, Devon


07837435803 / 01404 758097