Honiton Photo Box

When I'm not taking photos I run a little shop in Honiton where people can come in and get help bringing their photos to life, in the form of prints, mugs, canvases and a wide range of other printed products. Here is a few things on the list of what you can get in the print shop

- Passport photos taken (printed and/or with a digital code)

- Prints done in store from your phone, USB, Memory card or email.

- Film development

- Old slides made digital and put on a USB

- Photo gifts such as mugs and canvases

- Somewhere you can come and say hello and talk about any photography packages you're interested in


Passport Photos

Pop by the shop to get your passport photo taken. I also have the ability to print several different types of Visas as well. It takes about 10 minutes from start to finish and I can either print them out for you or send you a digital photo code to make your online passport application easier. It's also cheaper to apply for your passport photo online so having a digital code will make the process a lot easier. You don't have to make an appointment if you'd like to then click the button below. 

Devon Photography


Devon Photography Training and Kate Dixon Photography have teamed up to provide you with the knowledge and resources you need to reach your specific goals in photography. Gemma can help you with the basic principles of photography, how to use your camera properly, improve your photographs for work, travel, family photos and more. Sessions can be taught as 1-2-1's (can be held at your home or at the shop) or you can sign up for the next group workshop. For more details you can visit the Devon Photography Training website or pop in the shop whilst your in town

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Photo Gifts

A range of quality personalised photo gifts that can be printed for you in store in an hour. You can chose from:

Standard Mug: £8
Magic Mug: £10
Water Bottle: £12
Bag for Life: £10
Standard Cushion: £12
Duluxe Cushion: £15
Keyring (2sided) £2
Mousemat: £5
Glass Coaster £8

Prints & Frames

A large range of different size prints that be ordered on either a Same day or Next day service and in either a gloss or matte finish. You can send me the images via email or bring in your phone, USB, memory stick or photo to scan.

There is a lovely range of frames here too to complete the look and match your home decor


You can also get larger prints and canvases done which usually take 2-3 working days and are great for a focal talking point in your home. 

I do more in store so if you want to double check that I can do what you need then feel free to call me on 01404 758097 



59 High Street, Honiton,

Devon, England

07837435803 / 01404 758097